Happy Vesak Day to You!

Today is Vesak Day!! What is Vesak Day?? Vesak Day is a national holiday in Singapore, which means everyone gets the day off to celebrate Buddha’s birthday.  Since, I have a fondness for Buddha, I wanted to do something special on this day.  So, we went to one of the Buddhist temples for their candlelight procession.  All of the temples around the city had different celebrations going on.  Some of the temples were serving a vegetarian lunch to anyone who showed up, others had chanting and praying, and most had a candlelight procession.  Vesak Day is also a day where Buddhists try to bring happiness to those less fortunate. All in all, it is a wonderful holiday.  Here are some pictures of the candlelight ceremony in a temple by our house. IMG_00000182IMG_00000170 IMG_00000166_hdr IMG_00000177 IMG_00000175 IMG_00000173IMG_00000181 IMG_00000179

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