Shoe Obsession = Get a Job

So, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged.  I have to apologize but I will share my reason.  One of the greatest things about Singapore is their national pastime, which is SHOPPING!! Now, I myself, have never been a great shopper.  Actually, I have always dreaded shopping (I know, not typical behavior for a girl).  I have always been more of a sports enthusiast.  But, since Singapore does not provide me with the ease of watching my favorite sports teams, not to mention that I would have to be up in the middle of the night to catch a Yankees or Marlins game, I have been left with no other option but to watch my games after they occurred (which is absolutely no fun) or surrender to the Singaporean sport.  So, I have surrendered to embracing more of my Singapore self, which means when there’s nothing to do, go shop!

The malls, just to give you an idea, are about 10 floors high (and that’s not a huge one) and there is one on every corner.  And the shoes!!! Oh, the shoes!!!! Now, shoes, I have realized, are my weakness! Every mall has hundreds of shoe stores.  You can find so many different types of shoes.    All colors, all shapes, all sizes, and all styles are at your fingertips, which leads me to the title of this blog… shoe obsession=get a job!

I realized that shoes and shopping had not been factored into our Singapore budget, so I decided to go out and get a small job to help fund this type of pastime.  I’ve been working for the past month as a Clinical Psychologist (yes, very exciting.. here I am considered a Psychologist due to my experience) for an agency that provides counselling to children, adults, and couples.  It has been quite the experience to work in another country and even more to learn to provide mental health services in another country.  I will post some more about this later.  So, all in all, to loop back to where I started from, my blogging is taking a back seat, as the job and the shopping have taken a front seat.  This does not mean that I will not touch base, but I will apologize in advance, if my entries are more spread out.

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  1. Danielito

    Delete this entry. Ignore it was ever there. Boo to working and not blogging yes to more blogging and photos.

    That is all…


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