The Life of a Dog in Singapore

lobo in laplobo lap 2 lobo lap 3I have written a lot of posts on Lobo’s experience in Singapore and how different this country feels for all of us, but I think the most confusing thing for the Lobo has to be that he now has to ride in taxis!!

In order to get a dog anywhere in Singapore, you either have to own a car (which costs $100,000 to just get a permit to buy one) or take a taxi.

Taxi drivers are not very keen on taking a dog in their car, so it is always an adventure to find a taxi driver who will be willing to transport our large wolf.  When you call ahead to order a cab, you have to tell them in advance that you have a large dog on a leash and many times it will take up to 45 minutes for the dispatch lady to find you a taxi who is willing to come, as a result of this.  I have found ways to beat the system and usually tell the dispatch lady that I have a medium-to-large dog (hey it’s up to interpretation whether he is large, x-large, or medium).  This little tactic usually cuts our waiting time in half.

Since this is such a difficult process, we have gotten Lobo trained to sit still between Tariq’s lap, so that he is quiet and non threatening to the taxi driver, as the primary reason why they don’t like to transport large dogs is because they are afraid of large dogs.  So, Lobo, being the great dog that he is, has learned his taxi stance.  Here’s a few pictures.  In addition, I take a lint brush with me everywhere to make sure that I can wipe off all of his hairs that he loses while he’s in the taxi, so that the taxi driver’s experience with a large dog is a positive one. 🙂

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